Closing Weekend – 1.22.11 and 1.23.11

Closing weekend. Saturday morning, hunted inside 13 with Steve and Rob. It was a bluebird day. Cold and clear in the morning and beautiful by 10 AM. Except for one redhead, it was all widgeon and spoonbills. Not a ton of birds, but enough. On Sunday, dad, Rob and I hunted inside 10. It was…

New Years Day – 1.1.11

Greg, dad and I were in the blind at 4:45AM to enjoy a very clear first morning of the year. We saw a satellite streak across the sky. The wind picked up and it never warmed up, but we had a fair shoot with Scaup and Pintails.

New Years Eve – 12.31.10

Fished in the afternoon and evening. Brought in the new year on the pier catching trout. Lots of wind and pretty chilly but some good sized fish at the far light.

Honey Hole – 5.21.09

Fished with Cory and Walter in Honey Hole. There were lots of reds in the morning and a pod of drum in the afternoon. The drum were not very responsive. Cory and I both caught one. I convinced him to release this fish as I thought drum would make poor table fare. That night, a…

Honey Hole and Pier – 5.20.09

In the morning, I fished with Walter in the Mesquite Bay. Great fishing. Red spoon was most effective fly. Also, a green gotcha. I released 3 or 4 fish. 1 was easily 26′. In the evening, Cory came to town and we fished from the pier. We caught a lot of trout. This trout was…

Ladyfish – 5.9.09

Fished what I think was the Cottonwood Shoreline with Bill Kinney and Mike Hays. Wind was howling. Bill and Mike caught a few trout. I caught a long skipjack.