Mangrove Caye – 6.13.09

Went on tour of Mangrove Caye with Patterson and Perez. Bought and drank a Goombay Punch. Fished for about 30 minutes. This is Lisa’s fish.

West Side 6.12.09

The west side of Andros was amazing. At least, 20 miles from any civilization. Completely still and saw tons of marine life: turtles, tiger sharks, lemon sharks, paddlefish, and rolling tarpon. Broke off by biggest bone of trip (30+ inch) in middle of nowhere. “Don’t worry about it Jason” said Patterson. Great time. Last fish…

South Bight – 6.11.09

Fished with Patterson and Lisa from 8 am to 1 pm. Again, amazing number of fish. Cast to an enormous school on north shore of bight. Huge fish in it. The challenge is getting the fly to the big ones before the little guys get to it. We swam on the Tiamo beach shore.

South Andros – 6.10.09

Fished with Patterson Bowleg of Mangrove Caye in South Bight. Saw many bonefish. Big ones too. I was eaten alive on my feet and ankles by doctor flies. Thunderclouds moved in at about noon and we went in.