Solo Mission – 6.18.2011

Ventured into the West Fork on Saturday. Hit the river later than I had hoped because of a small WalMart detour. Fished the stretch that I went on the first time I was on this water. Water was warm. There were stonefly husks all over the river. Caught many fish on mayfly patterns. After about…

East/West/East Fork – 9.25.2010

Frank and I fished a new stretch of the east fork. Other than a hammock vendor who spoke no english, there was nothing interesting there. We then drove over to the West Fork to find high, murky water. Picked up a few fish on nymphs and decided it wasn’t very fishable so we returned. Hiked…

West Fork – 5.29.10

Fished with Frank McCreary. He caught his first fish on a fly on a size 16 parachute adams. Nymphs were effective. Little success with beetle, spider, caddis, stone.

West Fork – 6.29.09

Fished with Jarrett on the West Fork. Beetles were everywhere. Butterflies too. We walked and fished our way up to the 2 mile mark. It was good to be back on this stream.

Old Pie – 4.10.09

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon. Napoleon Bonaparte

My Waders Filled Up – 3.1.09

Fished on 3.1 with Keith and David. I fell in twice, filled my waders once and spent more time untangling than i did fishing.

San Gabriel – 2.21.09

David Korty took me to San Gabriels last weekend. The fish were rising all day and we used flies that he tied. We caught a lot of fish in the 6 to 10 inch range.