Pedernales – 8.28.2010

As Cory and I drove just past LBJ’s ranch (pictured) in Johnson City, we talked about an old LBJ vignette. Apparently, he would drive around the ranch in his pickup and take meetings. And, every 15 minutes or so he would pull over, roll down his window and shake his plastic cup a few times. On cue, a member of secret service would get out of a black lincoln that was trailing close behind and run up to the window with a liter of Cutty Sark. Once the president’s traveller was topped off, the window would slowly roll up. Oh, how times have changed…

So, a mile upstream, we decided to cross. As I was stabilizing the posts for Cory when I felt a hot sting on my left leg. Ouch. Then another. And, another. Yellow jackets. There hive was on the ground and I had planted myself right on top of it.

Cory said that he saw me pirouette with a good deal of grace before he realized what was happening. I back peddled about 20 steps then took an awkward spill. I am not sure how many times I was stung, but I know it was enough. We crossed the river further down and tried to find some carp to no avail. We then drove to the state park and caught a small bream and sunfish.


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