East Fork – 10.17.2010

Jarrett came over at about 9 am and we drove to Azusa. It would have been a good day for geese. Low ceiling and lots of light mist. 60 degrees.

We fished between the first and second crossing on the trail. There were small brown caddis and mayflies coming off. After eyeing this stretch all summer, it was nice to finally fish it. Without goldminers, swimmers and kids, it fished well.

We walked in further and fished an alley of Alders that I hit a few times this year. Had a nice ham and cheese lunch.

Went to the stretch where I caught my best fish from the last trip. We hugged the wall and hit a large pool meticulously. Jarrett used one of Korty’s flies to pick up the biggest fish i have seen on the east fork. Din Tai Fung for dinner.


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  1. ben says:

    funny- i did an overnight on the east fork the weekend before this… lots of fish in the 6-10″ range, but also lots of trash and day hikers going up to the bridge for bungee jumping… still a great escape from urban life less than an hour outside LA. I just wish people would clean up after themselves… day hikers and miners are trashing the place, and much further up the trail than you would expect. we went in about 6 miles.

    1. tinytrout says:

      Hi Ben,

      Thanks for writing. I wish there wasn’t as much trash as well. The foot traffic died down significantly between 9/25 and 10/17. We actually fished the stretch between the first crossing which is normally full of heavy swimmers in hi tops. I haven’t been up past the bridge but would like to.

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