The Old Pier

I spent 100s of hours of my childhood standing on this pier at the St. Charles Bay Hunting Club. I remember the windy day that my little brother (probably 3 or 4 years old) was blown off by the wind. That great big alligator that would magically appear on summer nights. The time my dad jumped in the water to revive a struggling trout in spite of the fact that there were 1000s in the water just like it. And, that far light that always held a few reds if you could get your loop tight enough. The pier on top was built (i believe) right after Hurricane Allen in 1980. Harvey destroyed it in 2017. That’s my brother when he was big enough to defend himself against a blue norther on the bottom left. And, the pier on the bottom (and the kids featured) are the next generation. A magical place.


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