Solo Mission – 6.18.2011

Ventured into the West Fork on Saturday. Hit the river later than I had hoped because of a small WalMart detour. Fished the stretch that I went on the first time I was on this water. Water was warm. There were stonefly husks all over the river. Caught many fish on mayfly patterns. After about…

Closing Weekend – 1.22.11 and 1.23.11

Closing weekend. Saturday morning, hunted inside 13 with Steve and Rob. It was a bluebird day. Cold and clear in the morning and beautiful by 10 AM. Except for one redhead, it was all widgeon and spoonbills. Not a ton of birds, but enough. On Sunday, dad, Rob and I hunted inside 10. It was…

New Years Day – 1.1.11

Greg, dad and I were in the blind at 4:45AM to enjoy a very clear first morning of the year. We saw a satellite streak across the sky. The wind picked up and it never warmed up, but we had a fair shoot with Scaup and Pintails.

New Years Eve – 12.31.10

Fished in the afternoon and evening. Brought in the new year on the pier catching trout. Lots of wind and pretty chilly but some good sized fish at the far light.

Kodiak Island

I was back in Texas for my brothers wedding this weekend and found these two pictures from a trip to Alaska that I took about 10 years ago. It was October. I was there for work and visited Ketchikan, Sitka, Homer, Anchorage and finally Kodiak. Both of these fish were caught on the same pool…

East Fork – 10.17.2010

Jarrett came over at about 9 am and we drove to Azusa. It would have been a good day for geese. Low ceiling and lots of light mist. 60 degrees. We fished between the first and second crossing on the trail. There were small brown caddis and mayflies coming off.¬†After eyeing this stretch all summer,…

East/West/East Fork – 9.25.2010

Frank and I fished a new stretch of the east fork. Other than a hammock vendor who spoke no english, there was nothing interesting there. We then drove over to the West Fork to find high, murky water. Picked up a few fish on nymphs and decided it wasn’t very fishable so we returned. Hiked…

Pedernales – 8.28.2010

As Cory and I drove just past LBJ’s ranch (pictured) in Johnson City, we talked about an old LBJ vignette. Apparently, he would drive around the ranch in his pickup and take meetings. And, every 15 minutes or so he would pull over, roll down his window and shake his plastic cup a few times….

East Fork – 8.7.2010

Fished with Carter, Jarret and Frank. Glorious day. Fish were all over the beetles and a brown mayfly. We fished up to Swan Rock. First part of the day I fished with Carter. Second part with Frank. Three full grown desert big horns crossed the river in front of Frank and Jarret. I wish I…

East Fork 7.17.2010

Lisa and I hiked in to Swan Rock. Fished for a total of 5 minutes with a blue beetle. The pictured fish is from the Caleufu in Argentina. Another fly tied by Korty that was a complete machine. It was the biggest piece of foam in my box and it crushed fish for 2 days.

East Fork – 7.5.2010

David and I hiked about 5 miles in from the parking lot. We got as far up as a rope swing. There was a serious golden stonefly hatch and we used a fly that he ties to crush the fish. There were some big fish in there and we caught many. Hiked back by headlamp…

West Fork – 5.29.10

Fished with Frank McCreary. He caught his first fish on a fly on a size 16 parachute adams. Nymphs were effective. Little success with beetle, spider, caddis, stone.